Greg Hunter's Homepage

Greg Hunter
B.E., M.Eng., Ph.D.
Visiting Fellow
Faculty of Engineering

University of Technology, Sydney
Thomas Street, Broadway
PO Box 123 Broadway
NSW 2007 Australia


I undertake research, usually of a commercial nature, and consulting work in all areas of Power Electronics. I have been working in the field of power electronics in both university and industrial positions for approximately thirty years. Please refer to my attached C.V. for details.

I have in the past undertaken extensive research and development into phase controlled cycloconverters. This is the subject of both my Masters and Ph.D. theses. A commercial outcome from this effort was the export of a 1.5MVA cycloconverter drive to Canada. I have included a link to this research below.

My current research is in sensorless control of permanent magnet synchronous motors and hybrid stepper motors. The control method I am using is an indirect position sensing method: Voltage, current and frequency characteristics are applied to the motor that force the rotor to lock into the wanted rotor angle and speed, eliminating the need to measure or estimate the rotor angle directly. This works at all speeds including zero speed. A link to this research can be found below.


  1. Sensorless PMSM and Stepper Motor Control

  2. Cycloconverter Research

  3. Curriculum Vitae. Available in Acrobat pdf format. cv.pdf